Introduction to Tigon

Tigon is an open-source, real-time, low-latency, high-throughput stream processing framework.

Tigon is a collaborative effort between Cask Data, Inc. and AT&T that combines technologies from these companies to create a disruptive new framework to handle a diverse set of real-time streaming requirements.

Cask Data has built technology that provides scalable, reliable, and persistent high-throughput event processing with high-level Java APIs using Apache™ Hadoop® and HBase.

AT&T has built a streaming engine that provides massively scalable, flexible, and in-memory low-latency stream processing with a SQL-like query language.

Together, they have combined to create Tigon.

There are many applications that can take advantage of its features:

  • Ability to handle extremely large data flows;
  • Exactly-once event processing using an app-level Java API with consistency, reliability, and persistence;
  • Streaming database using a SQL-like language to filter, group and join data streams in-memory;
  • Runs collections of queries using pipelined query plans;
  • Able to transparently handle complex record routing in large parallelized implementations;
  • Runs and scales as a native Apache Hadoop YARN Application;
  • Reads, writes, and tightly integrates with HDFS and HBase;
  • Supports a significant amount of parallelization;
  • Fault-tolerance and horizontal scalability without burdening the developer;
  • Enterprise features with logging, and monitoring tools;
  • Simpler programming model, tools and UI; and
  • Open-source software and development process.

Where to Go Next

  • Developer Guide: the components of Tigon: Flows; Flowlets; Queues; and the Flow Transaction System along with suggested best practices for application development.
  • APIs: includes the Java and TigonSQL APIs of Tigon, including documentation for developers writing extensions to TigonSQL.
  • Tools: describes the Tigon Command-Line Interface, which provides methods to interact with a running Tigon instance from within a shell, similar to an HBase shell or bash.
  • Administration: explains the commands for starting and stopping Tigon, in both Standalone and Distributed modes.
  • Advanced Features: covers TigonSQL, the high-performance data stream management system inside Tigon. You can use Tigon and develop applications without reference to this section.