Tigon Examples and Reference Applications


These examples are included in the source download in the tigon-examples directory.

  • Hello World Example

    An application that emits and counts “Hello World” messages.

  • Twitter Analytics Example

    An application that collects Tweets and logs the top 10 hashtags used in the last minute.

  • SQL Join Flow Example

    An application that demonstrates the capabilities of the TigonSQL library. It performs an inner-join of two data streams and logs the result of the SQL command.

Reference Applications

Reference applications built with Tigon are included in the tigon-apps repository at GitHub:

  • AdNetworkFlow: Demonstrates using Tigon to write a realtime bidding (RTB) advertisement framework.

Where to Go Next

Now that you’re seen an example demonstrating Tigon, take a look at:

  • APIs, which includes the Java and TigonSQL APIs of Tigon.