StructuredRecord To GenericRecord


Transforms a StructuredRecord into an Avro GenericRecord.

StructuredRecord is the Java class that all built-in plugins work with. Most StructuredRecords can be directly converted to a GenericRecord. An exception is if the StructuredRecord contains a map field with keys that are not of type 'string'.

Use Case

The transform is used whenever you need to use an Avro GenericRecord. For example, if you have a custom sink that accepts as input GenericRecords, you will use this transform right before the sink.


The transform does not take any properties.


    "name": "StructuredRecordToGenericRecord",
    "type": "transform",
    "properties": { }

  • CDAP Pipelines Plugin Type: transform
  • CDAP Pipelines Version: 1.8.5