Python Evaluator


Executes user-provided python code that transforms one record into zero or more records. Each input record is converted into a dictionary which can be directly accessed in python. The transform expects to receive a dictionary as input, which it can process and emit zero or more transformed dictionaries, or emit an error dictionary using the provided emitter object.


script: Python code defining how to transform one record into another. The script must implement a function called 'transform', which takes as input a Python dictionary (representing the input record), an emitter object, and a context object (which contains CDAP metrics and logger). The script can then use the emitter object to emit transformed Python dictionaries.

For example:

'def transform(record, emitter, context): record['count'] *= 1024; emitter.emit(record)'

will scale the 'count' field of record by 1024.

schema: The schema of output objects. If no schema is given, it is assumed that the output schema is the same as the input schema.


The transform checks each record's 'subtotal' field: if the 'subtotal' is negative, it emits an error; else, it calculates the 'tax' and 'total' fields based on the 'subtotal', and then returns a record as a Python dictionary containing those three fields, with the error records written to the configured error dataset:

    "name": "PythonEvaluator",
    "type": "transform",
    "properties": {
        "script": "def transform(record, emitter, context):
                 if (record['subtotal'] < 0):
                     'errorCode': 10,
                     'errorMsg': 'subtotal is less than 0',
                     'invalidRecord': record,
                   taxrate = float(context.getArguments().get('taxrate'))
                   tax = record['subtotal'] * taxrate
                   if (tax > 1000.0):
                     context.getMetrics().count('tax.above.1000', 1)
                     'subtotal': record['subtotal'],
                     'tax': tax,
                     'total': record['subtotal'] + tax,
        "schema": "{

  • CDAP Pipelines Plugin Type: transform
  • CDAP Pipelines Version: 1.8.5