Batch source to use Apache Cassandra as a source.

Note Apache Cassandra v. 2.1.0 is currently the only supported version of Apache Cassandra.

Use Case

This source is used whenever you need to read data from Apache Cassandra. For example, you may want to read in a column family from Cassandra and store the data in an HBase table.


referenceName: This will be used to uniquely identify this source for lineage, annotating metadata, etc.

initialAddress: The initial address to connect to. (Macro-enabled)

port: The RPC port for Cassandra. Check the configuration to make sure that start_rpc is true in cassandra.yaml. (Macro-enabled)

keyspace: The keyspace to select data from. (Macro-enabled)

partitioner: The partitioner for the keyspace. (Macro-enabled)

username: The username for the keyspace (if one exists). If this is not empty, then you must supply a password. (Macro-enabled)

password: The password for the keyspace (if one exists). If this is not empty, then you must supply a username. (Macro-enabled)

columnFamily: The column family or table to select data from. (Macro-enabled)

query: The query to select data on. (Macro-enabled)

schema: The schema for the data as it will be formatted in CDAP.

properties: Any extra properties to include. The property-value pairs should be comma-separated, and each property should be separated by a colon from its corresponding value.


This example connects to Apache Cassandra, which is running locally, and reads in records in the specified keyspace (megacorp) and column family (employee) which match the query to (in this case) select all records. All data from the column family will be read on each run:

    "name": "Cassandra",
    "type": "batchsource",
    "properties": {
        "initialAddress": "localhost",
        "port": "9160",
        "keyspace": "megacorp",
        "partitioner": "org.apache.cassandra.dht.Murmur3Partitioner",
        "columnFamily": "employees",
        "query": "select * from employees where token(id) > ? and token(id) <= ?",
        "schema": "{

  • CDAP Pipelines Plugin Type: batchsource
  • CDAP Pipelines Version: 1.8.5