Getting Started With CDAP

The CDAP Sandbox includes all that is needed to develop CDAP applications in your development environment, either your laptop or a workstation. It has:

  • A CDAP Sandbox that can run on a single machine in a single JVM. It provides all of the CDAP APIs without requiring a Hadoop cluster, using alternative, fully-functional implementations of CDAP features. For example, application containers are implemented as Java threads instead of YARN containers.
  • The CDAP UI, a web-based graphical user interface to interact with CDAP instances and the applications they run.
  • Tools for ingesting data and authenticating clients, datasets, and example applications to help you become familiar with CDAP, perform common tasks, and serve as the basis for developing your own applications.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the system requirements and dependencies.
  2. Obtain the CDAP Sandbox, using one of the versions.
  3. Follow the installation instructions for the version you downloaded.
  4. Follow our Quick Start for getting started with CDAP Data pipelines and Data Prep.
  5. We suggest the Examples, Guides, and Tutorials as the easiest way to become familiar with CDAP Applications.
  6. To begin writing your own application, start by setting up your development environment.
  7. There are instructions for starting and stopping CDAP, and building and running examples and applications.

Online, we have additional resources ranging from user groups to these manuals, examples, guides, and tutorials: