The CDAP UI is available for deploying, querying and managing the Cask Data Application Platform in all modes of CDAP except as an in-memory CDAP.

Supported Browsers and Components

Browser Platform Supported Versions
Chrome Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows 55.0 and higher
Firefox Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows 50.0 and higher
Safari Apple OS X, Microsoft Windows 10 and higher
Component Platform Supported Versions
Node.js Various 4.5.0 through 7.0.0

Note: Supported component versions shown in these tables are those that we have tested and are confident of their suitability and compatibility. Earlier versions (and different suppliers) of components may work, but have not necessarily been either tested or confirmed compatible.

User Interface

Here is a screen-capture of the CDAP UI running on a Distributed CDAP:


CDAP UI: Showing the Home page

Across the top, are three buttons: Development, Operations, and Management. These buttons gives you access to CDAP UI facilities for managing each of the categories.

In the upper-left is a menu for setting the namespace. In the upper-right is a menu with access to the main Cask Website, Support, and logging out.

On the Development page, datasets and applications are displayed. The Operations page gives you views of current system and user metrics, with customizable dashboards. The Management page provides features and controls for administering the CDAP installation.

CDAP 4.0 New Beta UI

Beginning with CDAP 4.0, a new beta UI was added. The new UI is has not yet reached feature parity with the original UI, and is still under development.

It includes access to the Cask Market—with use cases, pipelines, applications, plugins, datapacks, and drivers—and wizards for adding streams, drivers, applications, pipelines, and plugins.

Here are screen-captures of the new CDAP Beta UI running on a Distributed CDAP:


CDAP Beta UI: The Home page, after an application and programs have been deployed


CDAP Beta UI: The new Cask Market and Resource Center


CDAP Beta UI: The Management page, YARN tab


CDAP Beta UI: The Cask Wrangler extension, a new CDAP extension for interactive data preparation.