Takes a StructuredRecord from a previous node, converts it into a BSONDocument and writes it to a MongoDB collection.


referenceName: This will be used to uniquely identify this sink for lineage, annotating metadata, etc.

connectionString: MongoDB connection string. Example: mongodb://localhost:27017/analytics.users Reference

dbName: MongoDB database name. A physical container for collections. Each database has its own set of files on the file system. A single MongoDB server typically includes multiple databases.

collectionName: MongoDB collection name. A grouping of MongoDB documents. A collection is the equivalent of an RDBMS table and exists within a single database. Collections do not enforce a schema. Documents within a collection can have different fields. Typically, all documents in a collection have a similar or related purpose Reference.

  • CDAP Pipelines Plugin Type: realtimesink
  • CDAP Pipelines Version: 1.6.2-SNAPSHOT