🔗Apps and Packs

🔗CDAP Applications Repository

The CDAP Apps Repository contains data applications built using CDAP:

  • WISE, Web Analytics: Web Insights Engine analyzes the behavior of users of a website by processing Apache web logs. This application is also the basis for the online tutorial of the same name, WISE: Web Analytics; refer to it for step-by-step instructions on creating the application from scratch. Download or clone the app at GitHub.
  • Netlens, Network Analytics: The app analyzes network packets to provide insights on traffic statistics and detects anomalies in the traffic patterns. Download or clone the app at GitHub.
  • TwitterSentiment, Social Analytics: The application performs sentiment analysis on Twitter data to understand consumer feelings and attitudes towards brands or topics in online conversations. Download or clone the app at GitHub.

🔗CDAP Packs Repository

The CDAP Packs Repository is a collection of useful and reusable building blocks for your data applications. They are libraries of common data patterns and other programs useful when building big data applications:

  • Twitter-pack for Twitter Integration: The Twitter-pack library is designed to ease the CDAP apps development tasks that require integration with Twitter, such as pulling a tweets stream. Download or clone the library at GitHub.