CDAP Administration Manual

Covers putting CDAP into production, with components, system requirements, deployment architectures, Hadoop compatibility, installation, configuration, security setup, and operations. Appendices describe the XML files used to configure the CDAP installation and its security configuration.

  • Verification: How to verify the CDAP installation on your Hadoop cluster by using an example application and health checks.
  • Upgrading: Instructions for upgrading both CDAP and its underlying Hadoop distribution.
  • Security: CDAP supports securing clusters using a perimeter security model. This section describes enabling security, configuring authentication, testing security, and includes an example configuration file.
  • Operations:

    • Logging and Monitoring: CDAP collects logs for all of its internal services and user applications; at the same time, CDAP can be monitored through external systems. Covers log location, logging messages, the master services logback configuration and CDAP support for logging through standard SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java) APIs.
    • Metrics: CDAP collects metrics about the application’s behavior and performance.
    • Scaling Instances: Covers querying and setting the number of instances of flowlets and services.
    • CDAP UI: The CDAP UI is available for deploying, querying, and managing CDAP.