CDAP Administration Manual

Covers putting CDAP into production, with installation and configuration, security setup, and operations. Appendices describe the XML files used to configure the CDAP installation and its security configuration.

Installation and Configuration

Installation and Configuration: Distribution-specific instructions are available, plus instructions for generic Apache Hadoop clusters.

  • Hadoop: Installing CDAP on Hadoop systems, either generic Apache Hadoop distributions, CDH clusters not managed with Cloudera Manager, or HDP clusters not managed with Apache Ambari.
  • CDAP Standalone SDK: Installing the CDAP Standalone SDK on Linux, MacOS, and Windows systems. (Developers’ Manual)


Security: CDAP supports securing clusters using a perimeter security model. This section describes enabling security, configuring authentication, testing security, and includes an example configuration file.


Operations: Covers logging, metrics, monitoring, preferences, scaling instances, resource guarantees, transaction service maintenance, and introduces the CDAP UI.

  • Logging: Covers CDAP support for logging through standard SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java) APIs.
  • Metrics: CDAP collects metrics about the application’s behavior and performance.
  • Monitoring: CDAP collects logs and metrics for all of its internal services. This section provides links to the relevant APIs for accessing these logs and metrics.
  • Scaling Instances: Covers querying and setting the number of instances of flowlets and services.
  • CDAP UI: The CDAP UI is available for deploying, querying, and managing CDAP.