CDAP Administration Manual


Installation: Covers putting CDAP into production, with installation, configuration, security setup, and monitoring. Appendices cover the XML files used to configure the CDAP installation and security configurations.

  • Quick Start: A quick start guide that covers the most-common case of installing and configuring CDAP. Many people may find this sufficient; if your case isn’t covered, the Installation and Configuration guide has additional details.
  • Installation and Configuration: Covers installing and configuring CDAP: the system, network, and software requirements; packaging options; and the instructions for installation and verification of the CDAP components so they work with your existing Hadoop cluster.
  • Security: CDAP supports securing clusters using perimeter security. This section describes enabling security, configuring authentication and testing security.
  • Monitoring: CDAP collects logs and metrics for all of its internal services. This section provides links to the relevant APIs for accessing these logs and metrics.


Operations: Covers logging, metrics, preferences, scaling instances, resource guarantees, transaction service maintenance, troubleshooting, and introduces the CDAP UI.

  • Logging: Covers CDAP support for logging through standard SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java) APIs.
  • Metrics: CDAP collects metrics about the application’s behavior and performance.
  • Troubleshooting: Selected examples of potential problems and possible resolutions.
  • CDAP UI: The CDAP UI is available for deploying, querying and managing CDAP.