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The Cask™ Data Application Platform (CDAP) is an integrated, open source application development platform for the Hadoop ecosystem that provides developers with data and application abstractions to simplify and accelerate application development, address a broader range of real-time and batch use cases, and deploy applications into production while satisfying enterprise requirements.

CDAP certified by Cloudera: visit the Cask partner page at Cloudera CDAP certified by Hortonworks: visit the Cask partner page at Hortonworks CDAP certified by MapR: visit the Cask partner page at MapR CDAP certified by Microsoft Azure: visit the CDAP page at Microsoft Azure CDAP certified by IBM: visit the CDAP page at the IBM Marketplace


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Coopr is a software system that enables end users to provision clusters based on templates and settings defined by administrators. Coopr exposes simple interfaces to administrators and allows easy customization of the properties of provisioned clusters, including software services, hardware configurations and infrastructure providers.


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Tigon™ is an open source, real-time, low-latency, high-throughput stream processing framework. Tigon is a collaborative effort between Cask and AT&T that combines technologies from these companies to create a disruptive new framework to handle a diverse set of real-time streaming requirements.

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